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Portfolio | Ponti designed & built

Yard footprint expansion

Retaining wall, landscaping, and decorative enhancements Cary, NC

Various Hardscaping and Landscaping Enhancements

Hardscaping and landscaping enhancements Apex, NC

Sauna Pad w Steppers and Flagstone

Sauna pad, stone path, and landscaping enhancement Apex, NC

Backyard Overhaul

Compact outdoor living space Cary, NC

Hardscaping and planting

Paver path and Garden Apex, NC (Sweetwater)

Outdoor Living Space + Landscaping

Outdoor living and landscaping revamp Cary, NC

Landscaping and Deck Install

Complete Landscape Renovation and Deck Install Jordan Lake, NC

PA Bluestone Patio

Natural Flagstone Patio Apex, NC

Paver patio and landscaping

Patio Detail

Patio Space

Pavers | Natural Stone | Veneer Apex, NC

Outdoor living space

Hardscaping and planting Apex, NC

Garden Design and Implementation

Rustic Garden Apex, NC

Firepit Hangout w/ Path and Dry Creek Bed

Deck + Hardscapes Apex, NC

Patio, seating wall, dining island

Outdoor living space Apex, NC

Backyard Design and Implementation

Small Backyard Design and Overhaul Raleigh, NC

Foundation Wall and Plants Apex, NC

California Slate Chip Patio

Firepit hangout Apex, NC

Custom paver patio Cary, NC

Emerald Arborvitae

Privacy planting Cary, NC

Stone Steps

Steps and sod Cary, NC

Outdoor Living Project

Backyard overhaul Apex, NC

Pool Hardscaping / Softscaping

Pool hardscaping and Sod Raleigh, NC


Paver patio Apex, NC


Outdoor living space Raleigh, NC


Planting Holly springs, NC

Paver Patio

Patio and lighting Apex, NC

Backyard Renovation and Drainage Solutions

Dry creek bed and sod installation Cary, NC

Pool Hardscaping in Process 2

Pool deck in process

Patio with privacy screen

Cary, NC

Outdoor living space

Hardscaping Apex, NC

Sod Installation

Sod, bed establishment, stone wall Cary, NC

Landscape Design

Planting Cary, NC


Paver path in process Holly Springs, NC

Hardscaping and Sod

Backyard overhaul Cary, NC

Segmental Retaining Wall

Wall and lighting Cary, NC

Outdoor Living Space (1)

Custom patio w/ planter beds and lighting Holly Springs, NC

Outdoor Living Space

Patios, walls, pathway, and drainage Apex, NC

Paver cutting

Paver patio in process

Belgard x Techo Combo

Custom patio Cary, NC

Outdoor Living

Custom patio and seating wall Cary, NC

Landscape design

Planting and hardscaping Cary, NC

Putting Green

Artificial Turf Apex, NC

Patio, sod, and planting

Backyard overhaul Cary, NC

Drainage solutions

Dry creek bed Raleigh, NC

Patio, planting, privacy wall

Compact patio space Apex, NC

Side yard pathway Apex, NC

Backyard Makeover and Grade Correction

Retaining wall and sod installation Cary, NC

Compact and private patio space Apex, NC

Backyard Renovation

Sod and patio w/ fire pit Cary, NC

Fescue Sod and Retaining wall

Retaining wall and fescue sod Cary, NC

Fence Installation

Horizontal Fence Cary, NC

Front Yard Renovation

Zoysia Sod Install Cary, NC

Landscaping Services

Cary, NC

Backyard Renovation and Grade Correction

Retaining Wall + Bermuda Sod Morrisville, NC

Lumber Retaining Walls

Tiered Lumber Walls Durham, NC

Walkway Patio Sod

Hardscapes and Zoysia Sod Install Cary, NC

Hardscapes Installation

Paver patio and retaining wall Apex, NC

Custom Retaining Wall

Custom Retaining Wall Cary, NC

Paver Path and Patio Landing

Paver Path and Patio Landing Cary, NC

Belgard Retaining Wall

Retaining wall, grading, sod installation Morrisville, NC

Front Walk and Landing

Cobblestone Walkway Cary, NC

Artificial Turf

Synthetic Turf Installation Apex, NC

Cast Stone Wall

EP Henry Retaining Wall Morrisville, NC

Patio, wall, firepit 2

Natural setting outdoor living space Cary, NC

Retaining Wall and Fence

Retaining Wall and Privacy Fence Fuquay-Varina, NC

Stone Steps and Slope Management

Stone Steps Cary, NC

Paver Patio

Paver Pathway and Landing Cary, NC

Front Lawn Renovation

Bermuda Sod Install Raleigh, NC

Tiered FS Wall

Custom free standing wall Morrisville, NC

Zeon Zoysia

Aluminum fence and Zeon Zoysia Sod Install Cary, NC

Tiered Retaining Walls

Tiered Retaining Walls Raleigh, NC

Garden Wall

Cast Stone Garden Wall w/ Bluestone Caps Apex, NC

Emerald Zoysia Sod

Emerald Zoysia Sod Installation Apex, NC

Patio Space

Patio w/ Seating Wall Morrisville, NC

Patio and Bench

Patio + Seating Wall (in progress) Apex, NC


Cobble Stone Patio Cary, NC

Gravel and Shrubs

Gravel and Shrubs Cary, NC

Backyard Renovation

Crushed granite patio Raleigh, NC

Backyard Use Improvement Project

Grade Elevation, Retaining Wall, and Privacy Fence. Apex, NC

Sod Installation

Fescue Sod Install Cary, NC

Wall and Sod Installation

This project in Cary, NC included resolving grade and drainage issues and the installation of a retaining wall and fescue sod.

Paver Patio and Seating Wall

Small Patio and Seating Wall Morrisville, NC

Residential Landscape

Cary, NC

Privacy Fence

Cary, NC

Ashlar Tandem Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Cary, NC

Cambridge Cobble Patio

Outdoor Living Project Holly Springs, NC

Fescue Sod Installation

Cary, NC

Sod Install and Drainage Solution

Cary, NC

Sod Install

Garner, NC

Garden and Pathway Installation

Raleigh, NC

Tiered Retaining Walls

Tiered Retaining Walls Raleigh, NC

Flagstone Walkway

Raleigh, NC

Residential Maintenance

Cary, NC

TifTuf Bermuda Sod

TifTuf Bermuda Sod Cary, NC

Garden Wall 2

EP Henry Garden Wall Apex, NC

Landscape Design

Decorative wall and planting Apex, NC

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